Valencell Wins Approval for Eight New Patents

iStock_Multi-Modal-300x225American biometric technology developer Valencell has announced that it has received approval for eight new patents. This means the company now has over 20 patents in its arsenal, and it Valencell says it has many more pending.
Valencell is obviously keen to keep a lid on the details of these latest patents, but in a press release it stated that they “are critical to the accurate monitoring and tracking of biometrics across a variety of form-factors, such as earbuds, wristbands, armbands, and jewelry,” with the company’s president, Dr. Steven LeBoeuf, noting that Valencell has “the most highly-cited patent portfolio covering wearable optomechanical biometric sensor technology” in the world. The patents will be used to help advance the company’s PerformTek technology.
This development should help to solidify the already strong position the company holds in the biometrics market. Last year, it saw its licensing partnerships increase by 300 percent, and many products incorporating its technology ended up showcasing at this year’s CES while its president actively participated in some other high-profile industry events. As excitement over wearable tech continues to build, Valencell can be confident that these newest patents will pay off.