Validic and Omnicom Team Up to Target Connected Healthcare

Digital health platform provider Validic has teamed up with healthcare strategy specialist Omnicom to offer consultancy services on connected health solutions. The companies will also offer products and services, ranging from apps to clinical biometric devices, to wearables.

Validic and Omnicom Team Up to Target Connected HealthcareIn a statement announcing the partnership, Omnicom Chief Digital Officer Jo Ann Saitta explained that with “new connected health devices introduced daily… digital communications and solutions more impactful leveraging actionable patient data.” Saitta added that Validic’s “scalable, device-agnostic platform” can help Omnicom “to create and integrate solutions leveraging data so that we can better counsel our clients and guide their connected health communication strategies.”

While the companies have yet to offer specifics in terms of products and services to be offered, they are certainly chasing a potentially lucrative market. Advances in biometrics, mobile technologies, and wearables are now enabling new kinds of health-monitoring applications, and even big consumer-focused companies such as Microsoft are leveraging these technologies for health and fitness analytics. Meanwhile, a number of companies are offering products and services pertaining to the clinical applications of these technologies.

It’s a growing and increasingly busy marketplace, for which Validic will showcased product offerings at the Lions Health Omnicom Health Group Med Tech Expo this past weekend in Cannes, France.