Invisible Biometrics: ValidSoft Names Adrian Kelly Chief Product Officer

In November of 2013, mobile and cloud security solutions provider VaidSoft welcomed Paul Burmester as its new CEO. Now, as his first senior appointment, Burmester has named a new chief product officer: Adrian Kelly.

Kelly comes aboard ValidSoft with a long list of product related experience. Most relevant of the items on his extensive CV is his role at what is now Nuance Communications (previously SpinVox) which Mobile ID World readers will recognize as another voice authentication solutions provider. At SpinVox, Kelly lead the product solutions team as senior vice president of product marketing and solutions.

“Adrian Kelly has repeatedly proven his ability to positively impact leading edge technology companies, driving product, revenue and market share growth on a global stage,”said Burmester, welcoming the new CPO. “His focus on developing and delivering market leading product offerings will be invaluable in building on and commercializing the best in class technology that ValidSoft has developed in recent years. Our enhanced product offerings and strategy, combined with a brand name that resonates globally as a leader and trusted advisor in addressing sophisticated fraud and authentication issues with our clients and partners, will play a key part in the next phase of our growth.”

This role that Kelly will be filling is certainly a crucial one. In December, ValidSoft joined the FIDO Alliance in a push for universal strong authentication standards. As a member of the Alliance, product marketing will play a key aspect in the company’s success as they commit to technology sharing and collaboration: bringing secure post-password solutions to fruition.

ValidSoft’s proprietary voice authentication technology is strongly focused on minimizing user friction, down to a point where many would classify it as an invisible biometric solution. It’s patent for Dual SSID wireless authentication also leverages invisibility, albeit in a different manner: hiding a secure wireless network from all devices that have not received credentials from the publicly visible one.