Various Products to Demonstrate Valencell Tech at CES 2015

Wearbale TechA biometric technology developer specializing in athletic and fitness metrics has announced a string of prominent licensing applications, which will be on display at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Valencell’s technology has found its way into products from Scosche, Atlas, Jabra, and Intel.
The range of applications the company’s PerformTek technology has found is pretty impressive: Jabra, LG, and SMS Audio have all incorporated it into their earbuds; iriver has used it in a cardia monitoring headset, and ATLAS has used it in its new Wristband.
Speaking on this topic in a press release, Valencell president Dr. Steven LeBoeuf emphasized the accuracy and versatility of the technology, noting that products incorporating it “have the ability to collect continuous biometric data that can provide the most personalized, accurate and comprehensive picture of performance and fitness – driving the recent demand for our technology.”
There’s a lot of excitement right now around the field of wearable tech, and so it’s no surprise to see highly accurate technology finding its way into a range of wearable fitness-tracking products; Valencell’s success demonstrates the feasibility of this kind of business model, which relies on licensing rather than in-house development of retail products. As the wearable field continues to expand and products like biometrics-enabled shirts find their way into the mass market, it’s fair to say that companies like Valencell are well-positioned to take advantage of the potential boom in commercial interest in this area.