Neurotechnology Upgrades VeriLook Facial Recognition Algorithm

Lithuania-based biometrics specialist Neurotechnology has upgraded its VeriLook facial recognition algorithm. The upgrade is part of MegaMatcher 9.0, the latest version of the company’s multimodal SDK platform, which was also launched today.

Neurotechnology Upgrades VeriLook Facial Recognition AlgorithmIn a statement announcing the upgrade, project lead Dr. Justas Kranauskas explained the the company focused on improving the technology’s performance “in real-world, unconstrained environments,” and asserted that his team “achieved a ten-fold accuracy improvement” in this respect. The upgrade also features an upgraded and streamlined user interface, with Neurotechnology highlighting its utility in mobile banking applications.

It’s a prudent approach, given the remarkable growth underway in mobile biometrics, particularly in financial services applications. But version 9.0 of MegaMatcher also features improvements to its iris scanning functionality, including enhanced iris segmentation quality and faster scanning. That, too, offers applications in mobile banking, and a range of other areas besides.

These upgrades come free to current MegaMatcher customers, and Neurotechnology is offering a 30-day free trials to new clients.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)