Verizon Promotes Android Pay with Free Data

Android Pay has teamed up with Verizon for a special offer that could help to generate interest in the mPayment platform. The US mobile network operator is offering up to 2GB of free data for users trying out Android Pay.

Verizon Promotes Android Pay with Free DataA user’s first Android Pay payment will unlock the first GB of data, and the third purchase will unlock the second GB. The data is good for two billing cycles, helping to ensure that the promotion doesn’t incentivize users to wait a month after making their first two Android Pay purchases.

In a statement announcing the promotion, Verizon pointed out that Android Pay is available on multiple Android smartphones and at move than 1.5 million locations. The company also cited a Federal Reserve report in asserting that “39% of all mobile payment users have made a point-of-sale payment using their mobile device,” suggesting that while Android Pay’s in-app purchase feature may be important, there is also a substantial opportunity in the area of in-store payments.

The promotion could offer a template for emulation in the UK, where Android Pay is preparing to launch. It could also give the service a bit of a boost in the US as it prepares splashier promotional strategies such as the introduction of a ‘hands-free’ payment option based on facial recognition.