Verizon Certifies Gemalto M2M Module for IoT

Verizon Certifies Gemalto M2M Module for IoTGemalto’s Cinterion Cat. 1 LTE M2M module has now received Verizon certification, the company has announced. The certification paves the way for the module’s entry into the US market.

The Cinterion Cat. 1 LTE module is essentially designed to bring 4G LTE network connectivity to a wide range of devices. The small-footprint module, which Gemalto calls “a future-proof Category 1 solution”, could prove useful in the emerging Internet of Things, enabling high-speed machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity; and it could prove particularly appealing to device makers aiming at the industrial IoT market.

Commenting in a statement, Gemalto M2M VP Juan Carlos Lazcano asserted that by the year 2020, “the installed base of the IoT will exceed 26 billion units worldwide,” and said Gemalto solutions like the Cinterion Cat. 1 LTE module “help equipment manufacturers who need to connect and design intelligent products and optimize device lifecycles.”

The industrial IoT is expected to be a major growth area in the years to come, and other major companies like Ericsson are also currently exploring ways to bring advanced LTE connectivity to industrial IoT devices. With its Verizon certification for the Cinterion Cat. 1 LTE module, Gemalto appears to be getting an early crack at the US industrial IoT market, and that could lead to major payoffs down the line.