Signs of Verizon Support for Samsung Pay Appear, Security Blog Launches

IMG_1468American mobile carrier Verizon is finally rolling out Samsung Pay support. Or so it appears – while the mPayment platform still isn’t popping up in Verizon customers’ Play Store, those with more recent Galaxy devices are reportedly getting software updates offering Samsung Pay support.

As The Verge points out, that’s how Verizon said it would happen – that when Samsung Pay support comes, it will appear in a software update. It’s very good news for Samsung; at the time of its American launch at the end of September, Verizon was the only major American telecom not to offer support right off the bat. Now, with Verizon on board and widespread merchant support by default due to Samsung Pay’s LoopPay technology, the service is poised to compete effectively against Apple Pay.

Neither Verizon nor Samsung have publicly confirmed the launch, and it isn’t yet clear why. Possibly it has to do with security concerns emanating from the recent revelation that LoopPay, which provides the technological backbone for the mPayment system, suffered a security breach against its corporate servers earlier this year, the ultimate results of which still aren’t clear. Samsung has asserted that Samsung Pay was not affected by the security breach, however, so it could simply be that Verizon and Samsung just weren’t quite ready for the official launch of Verizon Samsung Pay support when these software updates started rolling out, and that an announcement is imminent.

Source: The Verge