Verizon Tech, Political News, and Mobile Patents in This Week’s Top Mobile ID Stories

Verizon Unveils Collection of New Cybersecurity and Digital Identity Solutions

This week’s roundup of Mobile ID World’s top stories features a new set of cybersecurity solutions, some 5G drama, and smartphone tech both real and imagined.

First up, the announcement of new cybersecurity solutions from a perhaps surprising source: the telecom Verizon, which is offering new tech supporting cloud-based threat detection, blockchain security, and mobile digital identity:

Verizon Unveils New Cybersecurity and Digital Identity Solutions

This week also brought the news of a political resignation that has implications in ongoing battles over Huawei and 5G technology. In his service with the US Commerce Department, Earl Comstock has been a proponent of restrictions against Huawei technology, and an opponent of the FCC’s efforts to free up spectrum for 5G communications:

Senior U.S. Commerce Official at Center of 5G, Huawei Battles Resigns

As for smartphone tech in particular, Mobile ID World visitors proved interested this week in news about Samsung’s firmware updates for the Galaxy Note 10 and 10+. In addition to some bug fixes, the updates included face unlock and gesture recognition enhancements:

Galaxy Note 10 Updated With Improved Facial Recognition, Gesture Support

Then there was a bit of speculation prompted by Apple patents. One of them, which was recently granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office, suggests that Apple’s engineers may be considering the development of a future foldable device:

Apple Receives Patent for Foldable iDevices

And an Apple patent application that was recently published by the USPTO explains how a head-mounted device could be used to perform biometric authentication on behalf of connected products like iPhones and Apple Watches:

Apple Patent Details Possible Device Authentication System


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