The Lenovo Vibe P2 Features a Synaptics Fingerprint Sensor

A Synaptics fingerprint sensor is powering the biometric capabilities of a new smartphone from Lenovo. The Vibe P2 features an FS4200 sensor model.The Lenovo Vibe P2 Features a Synaptics Fingerprint Sensor

It’s part of Synaptics’ Natural ID line of sensors. While the company recently announced a new optical fingerprint sensor that can scan through glass as part of that product family, it looks like the Vibe P2 uses a sensor more similar to the one integrated into Lenovo’s Yoga 910 laptop from earlier this year.

In a statement announcing the integration, Synaptics Marketing VP Anthony Gioeli called Lenovo “a key leader, innovator and important Synaptics partner that shares our vision of highly secure and convenient user authentication.”

Synaptics also emphasized the FS4200’s FIDO certification, pointing to the growing importance of the consortium’s authentication standards.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)