Vietnamese AI Group Touts Mask-ready Facial Recognition for Smartphones

Vietnamese AI Group Touts Mask-ready Facial Recognition for Smartphones

VinAI Research says it has developed facial recognition technology that can identify users wearing masks, and that it will bring the tech to mobile devices.

The firm is a subsidiary of the Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup, which also owns VinSmart, an electronics maker that also produces smartphones. VinAI Research says it is working with VinSmart to bring its biometric technology to the latter’s devices.

The issue of identifying faces even when they are wearing protective masks is one that has gained prominence amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple biometrics specialists have detailed how their technologies are able to cope with obscured faces as a result: SAFR, for example, recently disclosed that its facial recognition technology demonstrated an accuracy rate of 93.5 percent in internal testing, while Innovatrics said that its technology maintained an accuracy of 95 percent on masked subjects.

For its part, VinAI Research has not disclosed the accuracy rates of its facial recognition technology for masked subjects nor for faces that are not obscured.

Vingroup has not offered a timeline for when its mask-ready biometric smartphones will be available. It also indicated that its biometric technology could be used in time and attendance tracking systems, though it did not say if it was actively working on such integrations.

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