Virtual Car Key Gets Gemalto Security

Gemalto technology is helping to secure a mobile car key system from automotive technology supplier Valeo, the companies have announced.

Virtual Car Key Gets Gemalto SecurityValeo InBlue essentially turns a driver’s smartphone into a car key, allowing a car to be locked, unlocked, and started via Bluetooth. Now, Gemalto’s Allynis Trusted Services Hub (TSH) is being used to keep the user credentials of this system secure.

It’s the same platform that will power the big new mobile payment solution Gemalto is developing for Carrefour, with Allynis TSH essentially managing credential provisioning on the back end. As the company explained in a statement announcing its Valeo InBlue collaboration, the system ensures that “virtual car keys are securely sent to smartphones and stored with a high level of security that is comparable with current mobile payment solutions being deployed with banks around the world.”

Valeo InBlue is available on both iOS and Android.