Visa, PayPal Extend Partnership to APAC Region

PayPal and Visa are extending their partnership to the Asia Pacific region.

Visa, PayPal Extend Partnership to APAC RegionThe companies began their collaboration in the US last summer in an agreement that essentially allowed each to piggyback on the other’s platform. PayPal, for example, would list Visa as an equally prominent payment option in its online checkout services, while Visa would enable PayPal transactions in physical stores supporting contactless POS terminals. Now, the companies are extending the deal via their networks of merchants and financial services partners in the APAC region.

News of the expansion arrives along with Visa’s announcement that its Visa Checkout online payment platform now has 20 million enrolled accounts. It also arrives hot on the heels of Samsung’s announcement that it will support Visa Checkout via a co-branded payment option that will appear for users of its Samsung Pay mPayment platform.

The various partnership agreements suggest a growing interest in collaboration among the major digital payment players as commerce increasingly goes digital and mobile.