Vital Biometrics Month: The Roundup

vital biometrics and wearable techNovember has been Vital Biometrics Month here at Mobile ID World, in which we have taken an in depth look at one of the most versatile biometric modalities out there. From active living, to remote healthcare, to authentication, mobile payments and beyond, vital biometrics have a staggering number of applications, some of which have only just been discovered.

Today we’re going to take a look back on November and round up all the featured content and industry news that helped make Vital Biometrics Month so rich.

Follow Your Heart

Vital biometric technologies, thanks to their ability to read our most critical internal body functions, can be used to enable a wide range of applications. In week one of Vital Biometrics Month, our primer shed some light on the many places that this technology can fit into our lives. Then, in week three, we focussed in on three of the more off-the-wall applications for vital biometrics.

Vital Biometrics Month: The Primer

Vital Biometrics Month: Three Crazy Uses For Vital Biometrics

I Heart Mobile Payments

November was a particularly exciting month in the realm of vital biometrics thanks to an announcement from Bionym at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas. The Toronto startup made a huge splash in the mobile commerce world with the news that its Nymi wristband, which offers persistent heart-based authentication, will enable retail POS payments for wearers.

We were at the event, and Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill got the scoop in an exclusive interview with Andrew D’Souza, Bionym’s president. The Nymi news also inspired us to examine other applications that EKG authentication might allow in the near future.

Introducing The World’s First Wearable Biometric Payment Solution, An Interview With Andrew D’Souza, President of Bionym

Bionym Announces Wearable Biometric mCommerce Trial

Vital Biometrics Month: I Heart Authentication

At The Heart of It All

The Industry News section was chock full of vital biometrics, as usual. Thanks to a high demand for remote healthcare solutions, many announcements were made in regard to wearable biometric tech that’s helping clinicians keep tabs on patients while freeing up hospital space. Active living applications were in the news too, as was a biometric treat for our most important canine friends.

Here are the industry news items from November that had us thinking of the biometrics closest to our hearts:

New Mobile Biometrics App Aspires to Be Virtual Doctor

New Biometric Tech Could Turn Smartphones Into Mobile Medical Labs

GlaxoSmithKline Study Validates Biometrics’ Use in Clinical Trials

Vital Connect Doing Brisk Business with Remote Healthcare Applications

Biometric Tech is the Latest in Canine Fashion

LifeWatch AG to Integrate Lightweight Cardiac Monitor into Platform

LifeBEAM Unveils Hat and Visor with Biometric Sensors

OMsignal’s Biometric Shirt Ready for Mass Market

Jawbone Fitness Trackers to Use Highly Advanced Biometric Sensors

Microsoft Band a Bit Like a Smartwatch


And that brings a close to Mobile ID World’s Vital Biometrics Month. Stay tuned through December as we wrap up 2014 and prepare for what next year holds in the world of mobile identity management.