Vivify Gets Helping Hand from LabCorp and Envision

vital biometrics and wearable techVivify Health has announced that it has received funding from new partnerships with Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings and Envision Healthcare Holdings. LabCorp and Envision both have particular strengths related to remote healthcare delivery that will help Vivify expand its many faceted healthcare platform.
In the myriad world of private US healthcare, these companies generally have their hands in all kinds of things, but LabCorp can generally be said to specialize in laboratory and trial services, offering the ability to analyze the implementation of Vivify’s platform. Envision, meanwhile, specializes in front-line and post-acute medical care, and already has a nationwide Medical Command Center in place that Vivify can use to manage its remote care services.
Vivify’s healthcare platform is expansive, and with its new partnerships the company is focusing on its remote healthcare offerings, which include the use of biometric information collected from patients’ mobile devices. There are lots of companies jumping into this kind of thing in America’s free-market healthcare system, and medical researchers are excited about its potential. Whatever else can be said of the hot mess of healthcare services springing up in America, they are certainly at the forefront of a biometric revolution underway in remote care.