New Vivo Smartphones’ Sensors Use Precise Biometrics Algorithms

New Vivo Smartphones' Sensors Use Precise Biometrics Algorithms

Precise Biometrics’ partnership with Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has paid off in a new pair of major integrations. The company’s Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software is now powering the fingerprint sensor capabilities of Vivo’s new X6 and X6 Plus smartphones, via FPC1035 sensor hardware.

While Precise Biometrics declined to name Vivo in a press release, citing only integrations into “two new smartphones from a Chinese vendor,” a statement from FPC today clearly indicates that it’s the new Vivo devices employing the technology. Commenting on the integrations, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson said, “We are pleased that this vendor continues to use Precise BioMatch Mobile,” and highlighted the value proposition of the technology to smartphone OEMs. “High performance fingerprint software is crucial to ensure a good user experience and secure identity verification,” he said.

These latest integrations follow hot on the heels of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 integration announced just last week, and further highlight the value of Precise Biometrics’ partnership with FPC. Both companies have enjoyed the boom underway in the smartphone fingerprint sensor market as this biometric technology becomes an increasingly standard feature of smartphones, and not just at the higher end of the price spectrum.