VKANSEE Has Licensed Precise Biometrics Software

China-based fingerprint sensor maker VKANSEE has licensed Precise Biometrics’ flagship algorithm software for smartphones and tablets, Precise BioMatch Mobile.

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VKANSEE Has Licensed Precise Biometrics SoftwareIn a statement announcing the agreement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson suggested that the biometric software would be used in under-glass deployments of VKANSEE’s optical sensors. Precise Biometrics’ longtime hardware partner Fingerprint Cards has lately been pioneering this area, having provided the under-glass sensor technology for new smartphones from Huawei.

“We are pleased that VKANSEE has chosen our fingerprint software to provide the best user experience and security for their under-glass optical fingerprint sensors,” said Persson.

It’s evidently an area of growing interest for the mobile biometrics market, with Persson asserting that the cooperation with VKANSEE “creates additional growth opportunities for us and strengthens our position as the leader in fingerprint software.” The agreement also reflects Precise Biometrics’ ongoing effort to broaden its array of hardware partners, a strategic move that is starting to pay off, according the company’s most recent quarterly report.

The VKANSEE deal entails annual licensing and support fees, as well as per-unit licensing fees. In announcing the agreement, the companies did not offer specifics as to the fee amounts, but Precise Biometrics indicated that it will start receiving revenues in Q4 of 2016.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)