VLC App Adds Touch ID Login

VLC App Adds Touch ID LoginThe VLC mobile app now offers Touch ID support, its eponymous maker has announced.

VLC is a platform designed to let users watch media in formats that Apple’s iTunes doesn’t support. Its latest update offers a number of improvements including updated Apple Watch compatibility, split-screen viewing options on newer iPads, and, as aforementioned, biometric unlocking via Touch ID fingerprint scanning.

This is another example of third party support for Touch ID, which is widely seen as offering better security than traditional username and password setups. It is perhaps most often integrated into mobile banking apps, where that higher level of security is obviously more important; and it also provides the basis of authentication for mPayments on its Apple Pay app.

The stakes are lower on the VLC app, of course, but in addition to better security the Touch ID integration also allows for an improved user experience, which will be a great benefit for VLC as it tries to expand its user base.

Source: 9to5Mac