VocalZoom Announces VoiceMatch-In-Sensor

VocalZoom has brought the match-in-sensor approach to voice biometrics with a new patented technology aptly dubbed VoiceMatch-In-Sensor.

VocalZoom Brings On-Device Approach to Voice BiometricsVocalZoom’s unique voice authentication technology uses an optical sensor to analyze skin vibrations on a user’s face as she speaks, which are then used to establish a unique voiceprint biometric profile. Now, with its VoiceMatch-In-Sensor technology, users’ voiceprints are matched to those stored on the sensor itself during initial registration, eliminating the need to transfer data to an external server.

In a statement announcing the new technology, Opus Research’s lead analyst and founder Dan Miller pointed to the rise of voice biometrics as “a ubiquitous, highly personalized authentication factor”, and said that “[d]evice-based implementations are accelerating and technologies like VocalZoom’s match-in-sensor voiceprint verification technology will fuel this growth by improving security and fraud protection for products that are easier to build and use.”

With VocalZoom’s voice biometrics technology having integrated Cobalt’s speech recognition technology earlier this year, this latest innovation could help the company to get an edge in an increasingly active market.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)