Voice Biometrics Conference to Feature Mobility Keynote From AGNITiO CEO

On Friday, Mobile ID World published an interview with Emilio Martinez, CEO of AGNITiO. The conversation dealt with topics of the mobile biometrics landscape and how it includes voice recognition.

Today, AGNITiO announced that Martinez will be continuing the discussion, speaking at the Opus Research Voice Biometrics Conference this week in San Francisco. Held May 14 and 15 at the Fairmont Hotel, VBC 2014 showcases current solutions and future opportunities for voice biometrics on mobile devices.

The keynote will address mobile security and multifactor authentication specifically. It will be held in association with AGNITiO partner Oberthur Technologies on May 15 at 1:30 PM local time. Emilio will also be participating in a panel discussion on the 14th at 3:30 addressing the topic of the future of secure, mobile authentication.

AGNITiO’s biometric solutions are uniquely suited to the world of mobile identity. Voice biometrics fit particularly well on smartphones and tablets, which feature easy voice interface by design. Recently, the newest version of the company’s KIVOX SDK was released, specifically addressing the pressing issue of liveness detection in smartphone biometrics.

“Of all those sensors, of all those capabilities that are going to be available in mobile devices, voice is a common characteristic,” said Emilio Martinez in his interview with Mobile ID World.  “We generate secure Voice iD. And why can AGNITiO do that? We have extensive experience providing the most secure Voice iD technology to governments all over the world. It is beinpresg used in law enforcement in many countries and is used as evidence in court.”

A current demo of the latest version of KIVOX is available through the official company website. To learn more about biometric software solutions that are making the world safer and more convenient, head over to our sister site findBIOMETRICS where May is Biometric Software Month.