Voice Biometrics in a Hyper Connected World

On May 25, 2016, FindBiometrics’ had its latest webinar, Voice Biometrics in a Hyper-Connected World. Moderator Peter O’Neill, president of FindBiometrics, welcomed back Dan Miller, founder and lead analyst of Opus Research, to present his latest research on Intelligent Assistant and Intelligent Authentication technology before joining an expert panel—Emilio Martinez, CEO, AGNITIO, and Alexey Khitrov, CEO, SpeechPro—for an in-depth discussion of voice recognition technology.

In addition to the latest research from Opus, the webinar has the experts discussing the role of voice biometrics in Internet of Things (IoT), the ideal solutions for the call center, how voice biometrics stands out in a multimodal industry, and the latest thinking in regard to liveness detection. Watch the recording below to see all of those topics and more discussed by the leading minds in voice biometrics.