Voice, Face and Behavioral Biometrics on New App

Voice, Face and Behavioral Biometrics on New AppIndia-based security solutions developer Innefu Labs has announced a new mobile authentication platform. Called AuthShield, it’s a multimodal system designed to work as a layer of security added to a wide range of applications.

AuthShield relies primarily on facial and voice recognition for user authentication, the former essentially based on a selfie and the latter based on a user-determined phrase. However, unlike some other authentication systems, these aren’t used together; the user determines which is preferred for authentication. Where the system gets multi-factor is in its use of a kind of behavioral biometrics, with a risk-assessing algorithm giving an assist in the authentication process by analyzing the user’s location and idiosyncratic movements. And while location-tracking would necessitate the transmission of data, the company says that the rest of the authentication process happens offline, on the device.

According to a Business Standard article, the system’s unique combination of authentication factors means “it cannot be spoofed”. That’s a bold claim that, if proven true, will obviously stand as a great boon for Innefu Labs.

Source: Business Standard

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)