Voice Deposit Feature Complements USAA Mobile App’s Support for Visually Impaired

USAA has upgraded its mobile app with another technologically innovative feature that should be an impactful aid to visually impaired customers.

Voice Deposit Feature Complements USAA Mobile App's Support for Visually ImpairedCalled ‘voice-guided deposit’, the system offers verbal cues to help a user properly position a cheque for mobile capture and deposit—cues like “Move right,” or “Lift device.” Given USAA’s position as a credit union specifically aimed at serving current and former members of the US military, the system could impact a sizeable proportion of its customers, and in any case works in the service of the organization’s comradely ethos.

The system also furthers USAA’s commitment to technological innovation, offering perhaps the most notable step forward since the introduction of biometric login, via Daon technology, to its mobile app early last year. That enhancement also benefitted visually impaired users by enabling fingerprint, voice, and face-based authentication, allowing login without the need for the entry of passwords on virtual keyboards.

Commenting on this latest upgrade in a statement, USAA Assistant Vice President Prianka Advani explained, “Our members and their needs are diverse, and each member deserves the unique world-class service that sets USAA apart.”