VoiceGenie to Bring Alexa to Bluetooth Headsets

Sensory has announced a new solution aimed at enabling hands-free interaction with Amazon’s Alexa on Bluetooth devices. Called VoiceGenie, the system could be used to bring voice-based interaction to headsets and other such devices.VoiceGenie to Bring Alexa to Bluetooth Headsets

It’s the product of an effort that began last autumn, when Sensory announced that it was working with Alexa Voice Service (AVS) to integrate the voice-based AI platform with its TrulyHandsfree voice wakeup technology. The system is designed to function through a connected smartphone, which would be used to connect with a cloud-hosted Alexa.

In a statement announcing VoiceGenie, Sensory CEO Todd Mozer explained that the system will let users query Alexa “through Bluetooth headsets while biking, hiking, jogging and more”.

At least one OEM has already jumped on board: BlueAnt has announced that it plans to offer “private introductions” of new VoiceGenie products this year. But it is by no means an exclusive deal, and if more OEMs get on board that will be good news not only for Sensory but for Amazon Alexa, which has sought to foster the development of such devices by opening its platform to third parties like Sensory.