VoiceVault Mobile System Adds Credibility to Driver Certification App

Sensory Announces Multi-Language Support For Speaker RecognitionVoice biometrics developer VoiceVault has helped a Texas-based e-learning company to identify its users.

Aceable provides a mobile-based education and testing platform for learning drivers, and in its testing and certification activities it needed a better way to authenticate its users than its old email-and-password system. Explaining their motivation in a case study, Aceable CEO Blake Garrett said, “We want to hold ourselves to a high degree of integrity, and we wanted to make sure that our customers do, too.”

The company decided to go with VoiceVault’s ViGo mobile solution, which uses voice recognition for user authentication. Users simply need to recite a phrase three or four times when signing up, and then the system will ask them to recite the phrase again at random intervals. If this process finds that they fail to authenticate more than three times, they are locked out of the course.

The simplicity of this approach, along with a user-friendly SDK, proved attractive enough for Aceable to sign on without even feeling compelled to try out other potential vendors.

It’s a nice bit of validation for VoiceVault and ViGo in particular, which was launched last July; the company was keen to emphasize its developer-friendly SDK and low pricing from its outset, and those factors have clearly proven appealing in Aceable’s case. Given that ViGo even features Mandarin-language voice recognition, the company is clearly aiming at a wide market, and that market is sure to grow more receptive as success stories like that of Aceable make the rounds.