VoiceVault Tech to Authenticate mPayments

VoiceVaultVoiceVault Tech to Authenticate mPayments has teamed up with a Bay Area startup to deliver a new voice authentication mobile payment platform. SayPay Technologies, Inc. is integrating its mPayment platform with VoiceVault’s ViGo mobile voice biometrics platform.

The idea is to provide a user-friendly and secure way for customers to conduct mPayment transactions in card-not-present environments. SayPay essentially allows them to instead use a spoken password; when a user speaks the one-time password, VoiceVault’s biometric technology analyzes the audio to authenticate the user’s identity. The system also employs a one-time use token, allowing it to identify attempts at fraud via audio recordings or manipulation of previous sessions.

In a statement, VoiceVault VP Julia Webb pointed out that “SayPay uses the same VoiceVault biometric API that financial services, telcos and healthcare providers have deployed globally,” allowing the technology to be easily integrated on a broad scale.

The partnership could prove to be a major boon for VoiceVault going forward, given the rising popularity of biometric password replacements for mPayment and other digital payment platforms. While the company has found success in very different kinds of integrations, the mPayment boom could offer a wealth of new opportunities.