Wearable Tech to Be Highlight of CES 2016: LiDT

Wearables to Be Highlight of CES 2016: LiDT

Wearable tech is set to be a major draw at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, according to the Living in Digital Times technology advocacy firm.

In a statement, LiDT asserts that the wearable tech market is forecast to undergo 64 percent growth over the next few years, reaching a valuation of $25 billion in 2019. Seizing on the trend, the firm will host several wearables showcases at CES 2016, where a range of different kinds of wearables will be showcased. For example, a Fitness & Technology Marketplace will feature such devices as the Slendertone muscle-stimulating belt, while the Baby Tech marketplace will show off devices like Mimo Baby, which tracks infants’ sleep quality. “As wearable technology improves it has become a part of our daily lives and is now the ‘It’ technology at CES 2016,” says LiDT founder Robin Raskin.

Of course, LiDT isn’t the only organization excited about wearable tech. A Mordor Intelligence report issued this past summer predicted that the wearables market will reach a value of $300 million by 2018 – not nearly as high as LiDT’s number, but considerable – and before that Tractica predicted a boom in the market and went so far as to launch its own advisory service.

Moreover, as devices like the Apple Watch help to normalize the idea of wearable devices in mass market, they also push the technological standards of the industry, as can be seen in the device’s biometric capabilities. The forecasts’ numbers may vary, but there is good reason for excitement about wearables, and CES will likely attest to that.