Wearable Tech Market Rapidly Diversifying

Wearable Tech Market Rapidly DiversifyingAccording to a new white paper from Tractica, the wearable technology market is quickly diversifying to include new device categories, new applications markets and new services. The growth in opportunity is affecting both consumer and enterprise markets, and Tracitca’s new paper details the 10 major trends that will be shaping the future of wearable tech.

Titled “Wearables: 10 Trends to Watch,” Tractica’s white paper is in line with the firm’s focus on the wearable tech market. Earlier this year the firm launched a wearable tech advisory service.

Aditya Kaul, research director at Tractica, comments on the paper’s findings:

“The wearables market is a collection of micro trends within each device segment, application area, and world region. It is important to examine each of these areas closely in order to gain a comprehensive view about how the market will take shape in the years ahead.”

The white paper includes analysis on the role of augmented reality glasses, virtual reality, and wearable devices that go beyond the smartwatches and fitness trackers that hog the wearables spotlight. Market trends include the roles played by North America and China, as well as the importance of crowdfunding in the burgeoning industry. The paper can be downloaded for free on the Tractica website.

Wearable tech has been one of 2015’s major topics, with the high profile launch of the Apple Watch, the announcement of Samsung’s competing Gear S2, and the advent of vital biometrics applications like remote patient care.