Wide Range of Companies Exploring Wearable Tech: Report

wearable tech featureA new report from market research firm Tractica says that companies are “just beginning to scratch the surface” of the potential applications and use cases for wearable technologies. Entitled “Enterprise Wearable Technology Case Studies“, the report was prepared in partnership with the upcoming Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit.

Tractica asserts that a wide range of companies are starting to experiment with enterprise applications of wearable tech, from small healthcare clinics to giant corporations like General Motors, and spanning a range of industries including insurance, logistics, mining, and hospitality. Devices being tested out include augmented reality glasses, body sensors, wearable cameras, fitness tracking devices, and more. In a report synopsis, research director Aditya Kaul asserts that wearables “have touched almost every enterprise vertical market,” and suggests that enterprises in a number of industries “are closely evaluating how wearables can bring speed, efficiency, lower costs, and improved workflows for their operations.”

Tractica has been keen to note the potential of the wearables market in the past, having predicted massive growth in reports released earlier this year. The firm has also recently launched an advisory service for companies looking for help navigating the expanding field. Other research firms have echoed Tractica’s enthusiasm, and the predictions of growth tend to track with the growth expected for the biometrics industry overall, with biometric technology playing a major role in a range of wearable devices.