News Roundup: Wearable Tech and Vital Biometrics

Last week at Mobile ID World wearable technology, mobile payments and fingerprint sensors made up the bulk of the industry news while we heard a major announcement from the FIDO Alliance and saw interesting developments in the realm of the Internet of Things.

Here is a look back on the top stories from last week in mobile identity management:

Wearable Tech and Vital Biometrics

News Roundup: Wearable Tech and Vital BiometricsThe luxury wearable Apple Watch Hermès made its online shopping debut last week with a $1,100 – $1,500 price tag as we speculated on Samsung’s next fitness tracker based on newly leaked images. Synaptics announced a touch controller intended specifically for use in wearable devices and we saw Virgin Pulse integrate biometrics into its workforce health management platform.

Apple Watch Hermès Now Available Online

Synaptics Announces Wearable-Focused Touch Controller

Images of Samsung’s Next Fitness Tracker Draw Gear S2 Comparisons

Virgin Pulse Workforce Health Management Platform Integrates Biometrics

Internet of Things

News Roundup: Wearable Tech and Vital BiometricsGlobalSign, the digital certificates and identification specialist, joined the Industrial Internet Consortium last week, bolstering the ranks of those aiming to standardize the Internet of Things. Meanwhile, Accenture and Electric Ireland teamed up to bring smart home solutions to customers.

Accenture Helps Electric Ireland Develop Smart Home Solutions

GlobalSign Signs Up With Industrial Internet Consortium

Mobile Wallets and Payment Tech

News Roundup: Wearable Tech and Vital BiometricsAs usual, there was a great deal of mobile commerce news last week, with Samsung Pay launching in Spain and Apple Pay gaining even more support from card issuers. Android Pay’s Tap 10 promotion competed for attention against a new Samsung Pay ad featuring beloved comedian Hannibal Buress, and we reported on Gemalto’s cloud-based mPayment solution, which was recently certified by MasterCard.

Gemalto’s Cloud-Based Payment Solution Gets MasterCard Certification

Samsung Pay Launches in Spain

Hannibal Buress Affably Advertises Samsung Pay

Android Pay Tap 10 Promo Rewards Users With Free Songs, Chromecast

US Bank Completes Apple Pay Support

ADP Announces Apple Pay Support for ALINE Cards

Fingerprint Sensors

News Roundup: Wearable Tech and Vital BiometricsAnother fixture of the mobile ID news is the topic of fingerprint sensors, and last week brought no exception to this rule. We reported on a new smartphone integration for Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics, the former of which has scheduled a year in review call for February 4th. Synaptics also saw an integration onto a mobile device last week—a tablet from Lenovo. Additionally we got a speculative peek at the Huawei P9, which looks like it might also sport a fingerprint sensor of its own.

The fingerprint headlines don’t stop there though. We saw innovation in the unveiling of a plastic-based fingerprint sensor, achievement in Integrated Biometrics announcement that it’s achieved ISO 9001 certification, and we saw KodeKey leverage embedded sensors to transform smartphones into authentication tokens.

Here are all the top stories in fingerprints from last week:

KodeKey Transforms Smartphones into Authentication Tokens

FlexEnable and ISORG Produce Plastic Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint Cards to Issue Year-End Report

Integrated Biometrics Facility Gets ISO 9001 Certification

Precise Biometrics Powers Meizu Phone’s Fingerprint Sensor

FPC1155 Sensor Featured on New Meilan Metal Smartphone

New Lenovo Tablet Integrates Synaptics TouchPad, Natural ID Scanner

Huawei P9 Schematics Hint at Fingerprint Sensor

Finance and Mobile ID

News Roundup: Wearable Tech and Vital BiometricsIn financial news outside the realm of the mobile wallet wars, the Australian Taxation Office integrated Nuance Communications’ voice biometrics into its mobile app. Meanwhile, the National Association of Federal Credit Unions named Daon as a preferred partner.

Australian Taxation Office Adds Voice Biometrics to Mobile App

NAFCU Names Daon as Preferred Partner

The Post Password Paradigm

News Roundup: Wearable Tech and Vital BiometricsIn the broader news regarding strong authentication and moving beyond passwords, we reported on the recent phishing concerns surrounding LastPass. The controversy around that hack has been lending weight to the demand for post-password authentication in general, and last week we learned that the world is a little bit closer to realizing that goal, with FIDO announcing that there are over 100 FIDO Certified solutions now available on the market.

LastPass Hacking Method Highlights Digital Security Issues

FIDO Certified Solutions Exceed 100


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