Wearables For Enterprise And Industrial Applications Are Taking Off

Wearables for enterprise and industrial applications are taking off, according to a new report from Tractica. The market research firm predicts that by 2021, over 66 million such devices will be shipped annually.

Wearables For Enterprise And Industrial Applications Are Taking OffThat’s a considerable increase from the 2.3 million enterprise and industrial wearables that Tractica says were shipped last year. In a statement announcing the new findings, Tractica highlights “smart watches, fitness trackers, body sensors, and smart glasses” as the main device categories that will be shipped.

While these devices are generally understood as consumer electronics today, they will have growing work applications, Tractica says. For example, corporate wellness programs are increasingly leveraging fitness tracking devices, while smartwatches are catching the attention of app developers who are focused on the enterprise market. It’s also worth noting that wearables are becoming increasingly prominent in professional sports, where they can be used to track athletic performance and health.

Meanwhile, considerable growth has been predicted for the broader wearables market in general, a trend with which the enterprise and industrial segments are very much in keeping, it seems.