White Paper Details Need for eSE, eSIM Security in IoT

IoT device makers need to start embracing embedded security solutions, argues a new white paper from the Secure Technology Alliance.

White Paper Details Need for eSE, eSIM Security in IoTCiting Gartner market research, the paper notes that in 2016 the number of connection endpoints in the IoT surpassed six billion, and makes that incredible assertion that over five million new things are now connected every day. But security approaches can differ considerably, and there is “a lack of common ground to deploy these services with each, consistency, and ubiquity,” according to a report synopsis.

Commenting on the issue, Safran Identity & Security marketing executive Nicholas Vondrak, a contributor to the white paper, suggested that embedded security solutions like eSIMs and secure elements “can be integrated within IoT devices to deliver a higher level of trust.” Indeed, such technology could prove vital in protecting heavy industry infrastructure, keeping smart cars on the road, and in various other areas in which once-offline devices and components – from furnace doors to cars – are becoming vulnerable to digital attacks.

Further details on how this technology can be found in the Embedded Hardware Security for IoT Applications report, the second white paper to be published by the Secure Technology Alliance since it rebranded from the “Smart Card Alliance” last month.