Who Watches the Apple Watch?

og_apple_watchThere is now an online emulator for the as-yet-unreleased Apple Watch, according to a TechRadar article by David Nield. The emulator displays an interactive, and apparently quite accurate, simulacrum of the Watch itself, which is expected to hit the market in March of this year.
The emulator was created by the makers of a kind of RSS-feed app called Pipes. While lots of apps developers have so far employed a static image of the Apple Watch’s face in demonstrating their wares, the Pipes team’s innovation is a clever way to leverage Apple fans’ pavlovian fascination with the upcoming smart watch to get greater exposure.
Not all of the smart watch’s details are fully known, but what’s generally clear is that it’s going to offer a lot of the same functionality that is found on Apple’s iPhones. Anticipation of the device has spurred rivals like Samsung and Microsoft to release their own similar devices (though the Microsoft Band is more of a fitness tracker); given the functionalities on those products, it’s very likely that the Apple Watch will also feature some important biometric elements, particularly if they’ll allow for compatibility with the Apple HealthKit app.