WISeKey Partners With Baluun To Secure WTPF Trade Point Network

A new partnership could help online merchants to streamline their digital transactions. WISeKey has teamed up with Balluun to bring enhanced security to the World Trade Point Federation’s (WTPF) Trade Point network.WISeKey Partners With Baluun To Secure WTPF Trade Point Network

WISeKey is the developer of the WISeID blockchain app, which now supports biometrics, via facial and fingerprint scanning, for user authentication. Balluun, meanwhile, is a Switzerland-based B2B technology company; while the WTPF facilitates a network of merchants, offering the opportunity to trade products online. The new agreement between the companies will see the development of a more robust e-commerce network infused with WISeKey’s and Balluun’s technologies. More specifically, Trade Point will incorporate SSL and 2FA security via WISeKey’s Cryptographic RootKey and Public Key Infrastructure; and it will use Balluun’s Balluun365 digital marketplace platform.

The end result could be a boon to smaller businesses from less developed countries. As WTPF President Bruno Masier explains in a statement announcing the partnership, his organization’s main focus is “delivering prosperity through trade by integrating small- and medium-sized enterprises from developing countries into global markets,” with an eye to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. A secure digital commerce platform could prove to be an important component of that work.