WooCommerce Enables PayPal Support

WooCommerce has announced that its eCommerce platform will now support Paypal.

WooCommerce Enables PayPal SupportIn a post on its website, PayPal cited studies suggesting that offering more payment methods can improve sales and better satisfy customers, suggesting that this was the main driver behind WooCommerce’s support. With platform users now able to leverage services like PayPal’s One Touch and Express Checkout, they may stand to benefit from such advantages.

Meanwhile, WooCommerce co-founder Magnus Japson was quoted as saying that “PayPal has been a pivotal partner in our quest to democratize eCommerce globally,” pointing to a broader affinity of values between the companies; and indeed, they are both on the same side of the digital revolution sweeping the traditional payments industry.

WooCommerce has enabled these PayPal services as part of its primary offering for customers at no extra cost, helping to further solidify PayPal’s strong presence in online commerce as it faces rising competition from other payment platforms such as Apple Pay, which may soon enable its own web app as PayPal continues to move into the mobile space.