WordPress Plugin Replaces Passwords with Mobile Biometric Login

UK-based digital security specialist Intercede has announced a new WordPress plugin that enables biometric security for users of the online media publishing platform.

Wordpress Plugin Replaces Passwords with Mobile Biometric LoginIt’s called RapID Secure Login, or RapID-SL, and operates via a smartphone. Once installed, a user logs in by scanning a QR code on the RapID-SL app, and then authenticating on the mobile device by scanning a fingerprint or entering a PIN. The system eliminates the use of passwords for login, and even goes a step further by ensuring that no credentials are submitted to WordPress via the user’s browser.

In a statement announcing the plugin, Intercede CEO Richard Parris called it “security magic” in a digital environment in which “usernames and passwords are no longer fit for purpose as they become an easy target for hackers.”

Indeed, there is an increasingly serious need to replace password-based security with more sophisticated mechanisms. By combining mobile-based Two Factor Authentication with a biometric verification option, RapID-SL offers what appears to be a particularly effective option for WordPress users.