Writing’s on the Wall About Coming iPad Stylus

Writing's on the Wall About Coming iPad StylusFurther indications have emerged from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference that the company is developing a stylus for its next iPad. The speculation has been fuelled by a talk given on predictive touch interaction during the WWDC’s “What’s New in Cocoa Touch” event. (Cocoa Touch is the name of the iOS’s user interface framework.)

At that session, a senior manager in iOS engineering explained how Cocoa Touch is being refined to algorithmically map out curves, acceleration, and velocity for users’ touch-based interactions in order to improve performance. From there, Cult of Mac connected the dots to the applications of this kind of technology in digital stylus devices.

Of course, that alone isn’t enough upon which to draw any firm conclusions, but it supplements past speculation. In January, for example, a KGI Securities analyst who has provided reliable Apple predictions in the past asserted that Apple’s patent activity indicated it was working on a stylus for the next iPad. Now, with the technological refinements delineated during this week’s WWDC, it seems clearer than ever that this is indeed the case.

If true, it will reflect yet another area in which Apple is seeking to bolster its mobile presence. The company also announced this week plans to improve the development process for Apple Watch apps and to expand Apple Pay – both signature components of the company’s mobile strategy. It also announced other improvements for iOS 9, which should come out in September, at which time we may learn more about the next iPad and, maybe, a stylus for it.

Source: AppleInsider