Xiaomi Redmi 3X Features an FPC1035 Sensor

Yet another Xiaomi device sports biometric scanning enabled by Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics tech.

Xiaomi Redmi 3X Features an FPC1035 SensorThe newly-announced Redmi 3X features an FPC1035, just like the Redmi 3S that was announced earlier this week. Both devices are modest upgrades of the Redmi 3, which came out earlier this spring, with the 3X featuring more memory than the 3S. And all of the devices’ fingerprint sensors run on Precise BioMatch Mobile, Precise Biometrics’ flagship algorithm software.

It’s only the latest pairing of FPC and Precise Biometrics technology, with multiple such integrations announced this week alone. And it also furthers the trend of smartphone biometric fingerprint sensors spreading further down the price spectrum: While they originally appeared as a premium feature of more expensive devices, they’re increasingly appearing on smartphones at all price ranges, with these latest Xiaomi smartphones coming in at $106 and $136, for the Redmi 3S and Redmi 3X respectively.

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