Xiaomi Redmi Note Launches in India

Redmi Note

image via http://www.mi.com/en/redminote#gallery

Today marks the launch of the Xiaomi Redmi Note in India.

The standard version of the smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer features a bunch of nice performance specs and is priced competitively at 8,999 rupees, with a 4G edition of the handset coming in at 9,999 rupees (that’s $145 and $162 respectively).

Those kind of price points have been helping Xiaomi climb the ranks of the global smartphone market, snatching up market share to a point where it is considered the third largest smartphone OEM in the world.

Xiaomi’s success has been pointed to as one of the primary reasons that Samsung announced last week that it will be cutting down the number of different smartphone models it releases next year by up to one third.

As the prices would lead you to assume, the Redmi Note does not feature any embedded biometric hardware. That said, since the Redmi Note is an Android device, users will have immediate access to rudimentary facial recognition in the form of Face Unlock, which allows for contactless logical access control via the front facing camera but is not considered to be a viable password alternative in terms of security strength.

The launch of the Redmi Note comes just days before the announced launch of Apple’s newest iPads in India, which both feature Touch ID fingerprint sensors.