Xura and SpeechPro Replacing Financial Passwords with Biometrics

Digital communications security specialist Xura has teamed up with SpeechPro to test out biometric authentication as a password replacement in financial services applications, the companies have announced.

Xura and SpeechPro Team to Develop Multimodal FinTech SolutionTheir solution revolves around both facial and voice recognition, enabling multi-factor biometric authentication. And for an extra layer of security, the companies are also integrating one-time passwords via text message for more sensitive transactions.

In a statement, Xura Secure Communications SVP Armin Barbalata explained that the solution is intended to smooth out the customer experience. “Security and user experience are often considered to be at odds with each other,” he said, “but the use of biometrics, specifically face and voice recognition, actually makes it easier to log in, with a greater level of protection.”

With respect to voice biometrics, Xura has a strong partner in SpeechPro, with the latter’s technology having had high-profile integrations in areas such as healthcare and telecommunications. The companies plan to show off their new multimodal solution at this year’s Money20/20 Europe conference, where biometric authentication is expected to be a major point of interest.


(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)