Yubico Joins Amazon Associates Program

Yubico has found a new promotional vehicle for its YubiKey 2FA devices: The company has announced that it’s now part of the Amazon Associates program.

Yubico Joins Amazon Associates ProgramThat means that websites, bloggers, and other online media entities participating in the program can earn a 10 percent commission on YubiKey sales by advertising the devices on their sites. A link to Yubico’s website is all that’s required.

The development arrives at a time of growing interest in two-factor authentication, with major consumer-facing online brands like Google, Facebook, and Instagram having recently enabled 2FA support. Yubico’s devices are designed to offer simple 2FA solutions, including buttons that can be plugged into USB drives, enabling authentication with a tap of the finger.

For Amazon Associates participants, this means the opportunity to make a bit of extra cash while promoting devices that can really help to improve security for end users.