Yubico Touts Physical Key Authentication Solutions at Black Hat Conference

The Black Hat 2016 security conference took place in Las Vegas last week, and Yubico took the opportunity to show off its authentication solutions.

Yubico Touts Physical Key Authentication Solutions at Black Hat ConferenceThe company’s YubiKey devices are designed to offer users a kind of physical key to enable strong authentication; for example, its YubiKey 4 device can plug into the USB port of a laptop, and must be tapped in order to confirm that the user is physically present when authenticating on that device. Given their functionality as a physical second factor for authentication security, Yubico’s devices could be of particular interest to the Black Hat community.

At the conference, Yubico demonstrated its U2F solutions via Google, Dropbox, and other partners at its booth. And on August 4th, the second and last day of the conference, Solutions Engineering VP Jerrod Chong delivered a talk on the FIDO Alliance’s open specifications for authentication security, which YubiKey supports.

As the tech and IT industry grapples with the deprecation of SMS authentication, Yubico’s solutions could prove increasingly appealing, and it’s fair to expect the company will keep promoting its devices at events catering to the security-conscious.