Yubico Exec to Speak at Black Hat 2017

Yubico will be showing off its multi-factor authentication solution at this week’s Black Hat security conference, the company has announced.

Yubico Exec to Speak at Black Hat 2017Black Hat is perhaps the world’s most famous yearly conference for the hacker community, and a major event for the security industry more broadly. This will be the 20th iteration of the annual event, and is expected to attract over 15,000 information security professionals.

As such, it should offer a good showcase for Yubico’s YubiKey devices, which can be plugged into USB ports – or even held against a phone for NFC-enabled solutions – to enable tap-based authentication via ‘something you have’. From its booth at Black Hat, Yubico will show off how YubiKeys can be used to add additional security to platforms like Dropbox and Google; and its Solutions VP, Jerrod Chong, will deliver a presentation entitled, “Think All MFA is the Same? Think Again.” All of which should help to further elevate the company’s profile in the wake of its $30 million capital boost from its latest round of funding.

The Black Hat security conference will run in Las Vegas from July 26th to 27th.