Yubico Celebrates Facebook’s U2F Support

Yubico is celebrating Facebook’s new U2F support, putting forward its YubiKey devices as the keys to unlock this kind of security.

Yubico Celebrates Facebook's U2F SupportFacebook announced its embrace of U2F this week in a blog post by Security Engineer Brad Hill, who called it a means for users “to make logging into Facebook even more secure.” Yubico goes a step further, calling the security mechanism “unphishable” in a new blog post of its own.

Users who enable U2F authentication will be prompted to plug in their USB keys and tap them when logging in from a new device; if you’ve already tapped your U2F key on the device you’re using, and haven’t since cleared the cache, you can just go ahead and log in without tapping, and rest assured that a hacker who tries to get into your account on another device will need your USB key in addition to your password.

With the global reach and popularity of Facebook’s platform, this kind of security is now available to 1.8 billion users around the world. And with Google having validated U2F’s security claims with a recent two-year study, there’s all the more reason to take advantage of it.