Yubico Claims First Multi-Protocol USB-C Authentication Key

Yubico has announced a new device in its FIDO-certified YubiKey USB key lineup. Called the YubiKey 4C, it’s the first such multi-protocol USB-C device on the market, the company says.

Yubico Claims First Multi-Protocol USB-C Authentication KeyIt’s an important development because of the growing prominence of USB-C. The relatively new standard supports thinner devices and enables much faster data transmission, and as such is expected to become the new default for connecting devices. Cutting-edge new devices like Apple’s latest MacBook Pro only support USB-C connections.

Meanwhile, excitement about USB keys is growing. Google recently concluded a two-year study lauding them for their utility as digital security devices, and is now urging partners to embrace them; while multiple companies are now offering biometric U2F keys.

Yubico announced the YubiKey 4C at this week’s CES 2017 event, and says it will be available February 13th, with a smaller version called the YubiKey 4 Nano to follow.