YubiKey Devices Now Compatible with Google Drive for Work

yubikeyOnline identity security specialist Yubico has announced that its U2F-compliant devices are now compatible with Google Drive for Work. U2F Security Key, YubiKey Edge, and YubiKey NEO can all now be used for two-factor authentication with the Google Drive for Work Admin console.

It’s good news for IT administrators, who will now be able to track YubiKey key usage, and to easily revoke access and issue replacement keys when the originals are lost. It’s also good news for users; all that is required for authentication with YubiKey’s devices is the touch of a finger, which activates the capacitive sensors built into the devices via the user’s natural bioelectricity. And the user gets to rest easy knowing their information is secure. In a statement, YubiKey CEO Stina Ehrensvard explained that “end-users can now bring their own hardened, Yubico U2F-compliant keys directly to the enterprise without their organization ever having to collect and store the user’s secrets.”

YubiKey holds the distinction of having developed the first devices to implement the FIDO Alliance’s U2F standard. Having showcased these at this year’s CES, the company appears to be continuing to build momentum with its Google Drive for Work implementation, heralding the looming end of the password and a new security paradigm.