YubiKey U2F Security Storms OnApp Clouds

The OnApp cloud management platform now offers two-factor authentication enabled by YubiKey devices.

YubiKey U2F Security Storms OnApp CloudsIt’s a major extension of the reach of Yubico’s U2F-compliant security technology. OnApp says it supports thousands of client clouds across 93 countries, all of which can now take advantage of Yubico’s YubiKey products, USB devices that enable a second factor of authentication with the tap of a finger.

Commenting on the integration in a statement, OnApp CTO James Withall noted that “[m]illions of cloud users depend on OnApp every day,” emphasizing the critical nature of the platform’s security. “For cloud providers, and users who value the highest levels of security, we can now deliver this in a way that’s simple to activate and use on a daily basis, without diminishing the user experience,” he said.

It’s the latest high-profile integration of YubiKey-enabled U2F security, with major institutions like code repository service Github and IT giant Google also having enabled YubiKey support. Yubico’s devices offer an almost ingenuous layer of security, and it’s one that is likely to be appreciated by many OnApp clients.