Nubia’s Z11 Black Gold Smartphone Features FPC Biometrics

Fingerprint Cards has another mobile integration to celebrate. The company’s FPC1035 sensor is being used in Nubia’s Z11 Black Gold smartphone.Nubia Sticks With FPC1035 for Z11 Black Gold Smartphone

It’s a new version of the original Z11 launched this past summer. That device also featured an FPC1035, suggesting that the China-based OEM is satisfied with Fingerprint Cards’ fingerprint sensor technology.

Incidentally, the same sensor was also featured in another integration announced this week—the LG X Fast. LG is also a repeat customer of FPC’s, as is 360, which also recently announced new devices integrating FPC technology.

It all adds up to a very positive, ongoing trend for FPC, with repeat clients consistently returning to integrate the company’s technology into new devices and new iterations.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)