ZUK Z2 Plus Uses Precise BioMatch Mobile Software

Precise Biometrics‘ flagship mobile algorithm software is being used in another new device from ZUK. The Lenovo-owned smartphone brand’s ZUK Z2 Plus launched last week in India, and offers fingerprint scanning using Precise BioMatch Mobile.Precise BioMatch Mobile Powers ZUK Z2 Plus Fingerprint Biometrics

The same software was used in the original ZUK Z2 and its ZUK Z2 Rio follow-up this past summer. And like many other mobile integrations, these came by way of longtime hardware partner Fingerprint Cards, whose FPC1155 sensor is being used in ZUK’s newest device.

With this latest contribution, Precise Biometrics is helping Lenovo to fulfill its commitment to incorporating fingerprint biometric scanning on all of its new mobile devices. And in so doing, it’s also helping to solidify its position as one of the leading biometric software providers to the mobile market.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)