Zipcar Brings Mobile Biometrics To Member Registration

Zipcar is embracing mobile biometrics to enroll new members in its car-sharing service. Through what it calls “selfie software”, the company is automating its member registration via facial recognition.

Zipcar Brings Mobile Biometrics To Member RegistrationThe new system allows a prospective member to register for the service entirely through Zipcar’s mobile app. In order to confirm the driver’s license, the app prompts the user to take a selfie, and to take a picture of her license. Then Zipcar’s “selfie software” uses facial recognition to match the user’s images, enabling automatic approval for enrollment in the service.

The car-sharing company is also transitioning from RFID member cards for car access to access via mobile device. Together with the selfie-based system, the move allows new members to sign up and access a car entirely through the mobile app.

The innovations echo trends from the financial services sector, which has seen a range of companies leverage mobile biometrics to automate enrollment and account access. By bringing this approach to a new sector, Zipcar is helping to illustrate the broader applications of mobile biometrics.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)